5/7/15 – She Drank From My Water Glass

So last night while we are all standing in my kitchen taking preventive medicine for the pinworns my daughter picked up, Hunter uses my water glass for our  daughter, then I drink out of it. Afterwards Hunter takes it from my hand and drinks out of it.

Seriously, I thought we were fucking divorced. Now she is drinking out of my water glass. She won’t have sex with me, won’t pay me the money she owes me, won’t ask me for forgiveness for what she has done, much less tell her family the truth of her insanity…but she can still drink out of my water glass as if we are still married. 

Almost 20 years is a long time for habits to break, and in order to be free I need to move further than invisioned. Talking with Ben about my thoughts of Mid-town neighborhood and he thought it was brilliant. North Park, University Heights, Normal Heights, Kensington. All good options for space from Hunter yet close to work. Plus there are a few more options in my price range. Looking forward to it.

This morning my son was getting an extended installed for his palate and Hunter texted me 7 times for the play by play.  Seriously, why can’t she just leave me alone. She wanted this reality and her money and freedom, why isn’t she taking it.

I guess I wasnt the source of her not having friends. I guess I’m not the source of her failure as a person. I guess all the weight she has lost hasn’t improved her life and made her more attractive to the Brad Pitt of her dreams. Sucks for her.

As God as said – the longer she refuses to learn her lessons and fails to repay her debt to me the longer her sorrow will last. I will be glad when I’m not around to witness her eventual downfall. Hopefully be then I will be free and moving up into my new reality. 

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