5/13/15 – Constant Contact Continues

Wednesday morning started off with more emails from Hunter. This about school pictures for my daughter. It gives me the digital then tells me she will give me a couple for myself and my parents. 

I ask what package we got since I’m sure there is a email with what I owe her soon to come. She emails me back what she got and that she had to order more from Costco this weekend to get enough pictures for everyone. 

Why email me if you are already getting the pictures in process? Why email me without the details leading me to belIeve if I wanted more I would have to get it myself from the digital files she sent? 

Why did she have the kids call last night when I was out at a brewery last night? 

Tuesdays are generally my church group and she never calls, but yesterday she did. Maybe she is stalking my group. Maybe being abused and lied to so often is making me paranoid. Maybe I’ve also been a little suspicious. 

Then again J blew me off last night. Why spend so much time and effort texting me and making arrangements and then blew me off for “work people?” She only had one boss and I can’t believe she met that many people at a psychology movie at the library. Then to text me at 10pm and ask to meet up somewhere and how bummed she is about not seeing me. 

What a waste of time. She either needs to get on board with honoring commitments or she will need to find someone else to entertain herself with. I’m not interested in a relationship like that.

I don’t have time for people who don’t have time for me. I need to be free of drama right now. I need people to be honest and forthright and committed to their word. This firm isn’t. Hunter isn’t. J isn’t. There has to be more honourable people out there. I just need to keep looking to find them. I’m hoping the new firm is much more like that…

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