5/15/15 – The Cops Caught Him Again

Yesterday was an easy day. Reading at the office while putting in my time before my last day – today. At 4pm I get a call from Debbie and my son had run away from the house again, so I take off early to help. When I get to Hunters house the police are already there with my son. Debbie is freaked out by the fear that something happened to him when she heard the sirens. It appears that my son broke the chain lock on the door. The officer remarks how strong he is.

When Hunter gets home she had me talk to our son. I’m not sure why she never says anything other than I think she knows she would not handle it properly. 

I make little comments about her new purse, and new shoes, and the gallon jug of Bacardi she bought. She makes no reference to anything other than trying to pawn it off as things she always bought our it was at Costco. She wants a mojito. She is obviously doing something with all the new clothes and shoes to match the funky shorts she bought. These have an extra high heel and platform which are new. But she says it’s all just for her. Ours all just get little lies.

I talk to our son about safety and how it worries Debbie and that if she quits because of this then he may end up in general after school program and that startles him. But he is still too poised off to get it. He can recite the words but nothing is getting in.

He starts going off on what a monster his mom is and I tell him what I always tell him – you don’t have to like what we do but you still can love us and you have to listen to us. That’s when Hunter tells him to get his bible and read about it. The way she says it, it sounds like she doesn’t believe anymore. 

That’s when I jump in and tell him it says thou shall not lie, thou shall not cheat, thou shall but steal. You shall make restitution when you steal from someone. Hunter shuts up and looks angry. I guess she thought she was over this. I’m guessing she is starting to figure out that I will punish her until the day she dies or makes right by me. And rightfully so.

It’s totally the opposite of the book I finished at work today – Not A Fan… Then again the model house I bought them just got listed for almost a million. Where is God in reassuring what was stolen from me? His book says that also, but I don’t see the house or money I need for my McMansion. Hunter did price the rule – cheaters mostly win. At least whatever pairs and friends and guys she is with won’t stay long. There is nothing more than surface with her. 

Later that night she texts my that Debbie isn’t going to watch him Friday. She’s too shaken up, and that Hunter is going to start interviewing since she feels that Debbie isn’t going to last much longer. Do I want to participate?

All I can think of is how horrible it must have been for him later that night. I’m sure Hunter ripped him a new one after I left and I didn’t get a call from my daughter last night. I’m sure as punishment for bringing up her indiscretions. Imagine what it will be like in November at my daughters birthday and I bring it up in front of her sister in law. Just a hint to make the mind whirl but not enough to be outright with everything. Just a rumour. Again

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