5/18/15 – Borderline Retribution

This is the frustrating part of divorcing a Borderline. As soon as she realizes that I am out Saturday night, since my parents are picking up the kids, and I have given her a hard time by texting her everyday like she does me, she sends me a bill for the medical costs. Not only are they sent months after they are required by California law, but also a month after we agreed to in the MSA. Besides, she failed to include the costs I have paid during that period. Costs she knows I paid, because she always makes a comment about me paying. Legally I don’t have to reimburse them since they were not provided within the required time frame, but I know it is her way of bringing me into a fight with her. Anything to maintain a relationship with me. Even if it is unhealthy.

The best part is knowing that I just arranged for my parents to watch our son for nine days this summer. Saving her a total cost of almost $1,200. Do I get a reimbursement for it? No. A genuine thanks…No. What I get is a bill for $300 dollars because she is so poor making over $400,000 a year. She needs to paint her bedroom, so she needs money from me to do it.

I email her back and let her know we can talk about it tonight after we talk with Debbie who appears to want some comfort that we won’t sue her if our son gets hurt because he runs off. I know I wouldn’t, but I am sure Hunter would. Nothing gets in the way of Hunter and her money.

All I can do is try and talk sense into her. Reason with her about all of the hell she has put me through and all the value I provide her that she is ungrateful for. All of which should be considered and compensated for even if it is just pennies on the dollar by not irritating me for money.

All I want to do is confront her and hammer her.  I am sure I will eventually, and all this will blow up.

The worst part is stopping by her house today and she rearranged the furniture. She took the rocking chair (which she still hasn’t given back to her brother and most likely never will) out of my daughters bedroom and moved the trampoline out of her room. I guess the kids are not entitled to those things anymore. Plus all of the bibles and bible books are gone. As well as I found a couple of my few treasured personal items in her jewelry box. Funny, she had to literally take them out of my memento box before I left last year. She has intentionally stolen my college diplomas and now some of my few mementos. One from my little brother in my college fraternity, and the other a best man gift. Anything to punish me for leaving her. It’s not like she was ever a maiden of honor or bridesmaid. Nobody ever liked her enough for that. Nobody ever will.

I really need to figure how to end this assault. I am guessing that it is going to become an all out war if she continues down this path. I am tired of being abused and bullied by this bitch. As soon as I provide her $1,200 of free child care she sends me a late bill for $300. This is on top of the already $700 I have provided so far this year.

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