5/26/15 – Punishment For Not Responding

It’s shit like this that bugs me. I see her on Skype as I am waiting for her to have the kids call, but she never does. After 45 minutes she drops off Skype so I text her. Do you Skype with other people? You are on then off but no call. 

It must be punishment for not responding to her text this morning. I don’t pay attention to her I don’t get to talk to my kids. She does have the privilege of monitoring me for the evening. 

Whatever she is doing, I can’t believe she is skyping. It’s in the middle of shower and story time with the kids. So it’s either an anomaly of the software that comes up on her phone regularly or it’s intentional. It’s not like my daughter would blow off the call. My son would, but not my daughter.

Whatever Hunter’s issues are now, it’s only going to make this life harder for everyone. At least for her and the kids because at some point in time she will piss me off to a place where I make her history public and then all of our lives will be painful for a while. Maybe that will force her to get help. 

Either way she had responded to my text inquiry. She probably won’t for a while, if at all. If she does I’m sure she will quip about not having to call on Tuesdays and that she doesn’t Skype anyone else or it’s her mom or some other shit. 

I need some space from this bitch and let her deal with her choice of taking the kids away from me.

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