6/28/15 – “I Helped Mama Meet Boys”

Hunter and I have been going back and forth over a couple of hours with the kids. My daughter had cried a couple of times to see me during the week, but Hunter won’t let me see them on Sunday for a couple of hours. It’s obviously a control issue because she isn’t going out of town.

Saturday night she has my daughter leave a message at 7:30 pm. Obviously trying to determine if I’m still home. My daughter leaves me a message and tells me that she “helped mama meet boys.” Then there is some silence and she goes into the typical diatribe of nap and lunch, etc.

What the fuck kind of person uses their four year old girl to help get picked up and then has her call her dad to brag about it? A fucked up mentally ill bitch who refuses to let the child’s dad see his daughter for two hours more a month just for spite. I text Hunter about it and no response. She must be meeting her new soulmate.

It amazes me how insane she is. Just not sure how to get out of this spider web. How does one become free?

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