7/9/15 – He Hit Me In The Eye and Face

Those are the first words out of my four year old daughter tonight on Skype. I guess my son had another meltdown tonight. I don’t know why? Hunter has not responded to my text, and she left my daughter in the master bedroom while she was controlling my son. I also got the privilege to listen to my son scream in rage and agony off and on why my daughter and I spoke. I know my daughter is scared, but I doubt there is anyway I can extract her. Or extract him for that matter, since I am sure Hunter would balk at the thought. I do not know how to handle this. Maybe what I need to start thinking about is how to legally take him away. I don’t know how to save any of them anymore, much less myself.

Hunter doesn’t care since it saves her money. She doesn’t care about the safety of the kids because she doesn’t want to be alone. Right now she only wants power and security and not to do what is right by the kids.

I do not understand why he is always having these epic meltdowns are her place. Why she is unable to calm him down like I do when he over reacts. Why she never seems to really care. I guess I understand that one. She has given up on the real problems and is just managing the symptoms in hopes that one day she will find a white night to save her. Unfortunately for everyone there is no white night. There is no savior for her as long as she is the environmental friction that causes a lot of this.

Son and daughter are too different, and Hunter is to nefarious to keep a solid emotional landscape for them both to foster in. I don’t know what to do anymore. I wish God would find a way to get us all out of this, but that is not an option. I hope there is an option that works for everyone soon before someone gets seriously hurt.

One thought on “7/9/15 – He Hit Me In The Eye and Face

  1. I struggle with bpd, my episodes don’t trigger violence but every one of us suffering from it are different. I just wanted to say I’m sorry about your situation, we’re not easy to deal with. My parents had to send me to behavioral facilities and only narrowly avoided divorce. To this day they seem to be more roommates than husband and wife. From a bpd patient’s perspective, he probably feels guilty. Guilt can be the worst trigger whether or not it’s reasoned. Do what you can to spend time with him and remind him that he’s special to you. Take him in public, it will provide a neutral environment and hopefully a bonding activity 🙂 good luck to you


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