7/12/15 – More Stalking

We all survived the weekend safe and sound. That isn’t easy with my daughter only giving me four hours a sleep a night. And two birthday parties. The one of Saturday had a water slide and my sons cut on his foot opened up twice so we needed up with three hysterical outbursts and band aids. When he listens to me talk about how he is going to be ok seems to get him calm really quickly, but the other parents do stare. Nothing I can do about that.

The party today was ok, but funny to see one of my daughters best friends at school there with her dad and his obviously younger and no kids girlfriend. I’m guessing he either cheated on his wife with her, or picked her up right afterwards. I can’t seem to understand why that isn’t me. Just let go and move on. Maybe because I actually want something more than a warm bed. I don’t think a lot of people want more. They just don’t want to be alone. 

The funny part was walking home from church and seeing Hunter drive by. She must have done it intentionally since she always goes a different way, but we didn’t see her at church so she may have needed to see the kids. I doubt she was going anywhere near me unless she had a date since she has all the same stores near her place. I really believe she just wanted to see the kids and the drive by was her best shot. So sad to see her losing it and continually stalking me. I hope she somehow gets help, but I know she never will. 

I just need to walk away, buy a new house, and restart my life with what I have left. She is never going to change and I do not want to be around for her next Borderline break. 

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