7/14/15 – Her Scratch Must Be My Fault

Last night at Divorce Care Hunter is sending a slew of texts regarding my daughter and a skin irritation. It’s been there a little while, but with the water slide and playtime it has gotten worse. It’s not bleeding but it’s not healing. 

Hunter texts me pictures and tells me it’s ozzing and infected and what happened. Like it’s my fault. As usual when something happens on her watch not a comment. On my watch it must be my fault. When my son came over last week with scabs on his elbow, knee, and ankle not a word from Hunter. If it would have happened at my place I would get photos and texts blaming me or my family for it. 

Then it’s about where is the swim stuff – in the dryer. I finally tell her I’m at my church group and then it’s “so I shouldn’t have the kids call you?” 

I turn off the phone. I still can’t get what she owes me on the 529 and dividends. She refuses to be honest about what happened with her family. She pretends that she is happy, but is now constantly in my life. 

I can’t imagine what is going to happen once the divorce date passes and we are both single. I’m sure she will break into some insanity again. I’m guessing the online dating world or the church group will have another “victim” looking for her prey so that she is taken care of. 

She seriously needs to get head checked. She just butt dialed me and told some other women that “every time I talk to him, he’s being a jerk” or something to that effect. Seriously, the distortion campaign is in full effect and I’m trying to do the right thing. But it’s hard. At some point in time I need to get released from this hell. I text her that was bad manners and no response. Typical. 

She texts me back, sorry if she accidentally called me but she doesn’t discuss her personal life at work. No surprise. How else’s does she cheat on everyone if you tell everyone about it? I know she used to before Chris, but had to stop once it was over and everyone hated her who wasn’t profiting from her. Just another thing I need to let go of. I hope somehow I find a way to get a loan for a house. I need a little space from her for a while. 

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