7/19/15 – Cheap Bitch Stealing Another $400

Just pissed off today. The window on my car is cracked. All the rain is making a lousy day with son. Hunter was two rows up at church and again drove past me and my son walking home from church. 

She was such a bitch that I email her that I have to work in Orange County and that I won’t make the midweek meeting and does she want alternating weekends or the kids with me every Friday / Saturday. She tells me she doesn’t understand. 

I push her on the dividends she owes me and the 529 plans and she takes over $400 for medical costs. I told her to stop lying and stealing. I didn’t give up $35k a year in support to be fucked over by her for $400.

My daughter tells me that she spent the night at her Aunts since mom went to a party. I text Hunter that I am supposed to get the option. She tells me that it’s a church group thing and that my daughter had a fabulous time with the cousins. I text her if she spent some time sleeping there is was more than 3 hours and she had to give me the option. She texts me she will see me at 7pm. 

I’m so done with this fucking psycho. I want to blow her up. No ones thinks it’s a good idea. I know if I walk from the kids she will continue to come after me for money. She is such a cheap bitch. 

I’m going to have to strike back at some point in time. She won’t stop. 

She won’t take the call to discuss her questions on the custody. Again I text her and she texts back that a call would not be productive based on my emails. 

I text her that she will have to answer for she actions one day. No one agrees. 

I’m just supposed to roll over and die and let her take everything I have. 

Hunter won’t be humble yet there is no fall for her pride in her future. 

Where is God? Not here helping me or my kids. 

I just want to be done with this. Fucking psychopath…

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