7/30/15 – She Got Her Church Boyfriend

It just pisses me off the way she does things. Having my daughter tell me that there are pictures of Jerry on mom’s phone on Skype tonight is so wrong. I text her about talking about introducing new people and calmly leave a message to talk. No response. 

Typical Borderline shit. Lie, cheat, steal, fake pregnancies, fake suicides, and then use my 4 year old daughter to shove her new boyfriend in my face what a fucking nightmare. What a psychotic bitch. I will need to make this right as God does not seem to care. 

Yesterday my daughter tells me yesterday that mom always makes comments about not knowing how to get there but she doesn’t use navigation. She must be going over there a lot besides her church group. I guess it all worked out for her. 

Maybe it’s time to check out. There is no God so what does it matter anyways. Travel the world and walk the fuck away from psycho. Unfortunately it will ruin my son. 

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