8/9/15 – Mommy Didn’t Cheat On You

Still blindsided by the whole conversation last night and this morning with my daughter. Before bed last night, she asks me why I thought mommy cheated on me. I told her because she cheated on me with Chris. Why, did mommy tell you she didn’t? 

The hesitation then the answer “no I was just wondering.”

I’m sure she was covering for Hunter otherwise she wouldn’t not have looked away and hesitated. I’m still blown away that Hunter would tell my daughter that she didn’t cheat on me. I’m not sure how Hunter brought that conversation up on their staycation, but I’m not taking the blame for this nonsense. 

To boot, Holli had a new work photo up so I showed my daughter Chris’s ex-wife this morning and told her that mommy ruined this woman’s marriage by cheating on dad too. 

I know it’s not the right thing to do, but to flat out lie to my daughter about things that my daughter heard come out of Hunters own mouth is unfathomable. Especially will all the proof, and the fact that dozens of people know about it first hand. People that will end up back in one if not both of our lives at some point in time. 

I’m really at a loss of words. I just can’t fight things anymore. I’m just getting tired of trying to correct her lies, and deceit, and destruction. 

I know Hunter will continue to push that agenda. That the affair didn’t matter. I was never the one for her. The divorce was her idea. She never wanted to be married to me in the first place. I wasn’t really her soul mate. Etc etc etc. 

Its like one of the women at happy hour on Friday that said it was ok for a woman to cheat if she wasn’t getting her needs filled from her husband because men had been doing it for centuries. Because the lack of morality has nothing to do with it. Its all about women’s liberation and freedom. 

I think I am done with dating. I’m not sure there is anyone worth dating out there for me anymore. I will go through the motions, but until I start meeting people of value I don’t see why I should waste my time. 

What I really need is to focus on myself, and my future. Start really working out constantly. Make these life habits. Get back in shape and loss the weight. Buy the kid car and the motorcycle for me!

It’s never too late to learn the piano. So fuck Hunter. It’s never too late to drop the past off at the curb for Waste Mangement to pick up. You can take the trash out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the trash. 

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