9/4/15 – She Called The Cops Again

She called the cops on my son again.  Another epic fail on her part. She called me before the cops, but I was in Orange County. The women from New Haven was there for the in-house counseling and that does not help him any. She is the one that told Hunter to call. 

Then I find out that Hunter is hanging out at home with my daughter. Another fucking tragedy. She calls the cops on my son and rewards my daughter with special time. And we all wonder why my daughter is stealing her best friends Beanie Babies at school. She is turning into her mom. 

Hunter emails me earlier in the week about taking the kids for some time this weekend. I text her I will take them for a day. She clouds the email with “the kids,” but I know it’s her inability to handle them. Then she gives me shit over a whole day. Typical nonsense.  

I called the counselor and let her in on the secret I’m very dissatisfied with this non-sense. She comes up with every excuse on why it has nothing to do with Hunter. I ask her several times why not with me? Nothing but I will have another person call you to schedule an appointment. 

I email the school nurse to arrange a time to talk, but have not heard back. 

It’s unfathomable that evil can walk around and money clouds things. I guess we are deluded by her insanity. I just with I could never have to see  or talk to her anymore. At some point in time she will have to pay for all of this. I hope I am there to see it otherwise I am starting to doubt a God exists that even cares about us down here. 

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