9/20/15 – Son Wants To Die

Another week – another disappointment. This Thursday was another problem at the Wagner household. Son had issues over drawing, and threw shoes at Hunter then went after his sister. They locked her in the bathroom and then the master bedroom. “Safety protocols.”

At the end of the night my son tells the therapist that he wants to die. I talk to her on Friday and Brittany tells me that’s totally appropriate and that he knows too much Adult things and that I should nut say anything to the kids about Hunter. We go into a conversation of everything, and she tells me to blow it off or redirect but to not lie but not answer.

I again go into everything from the past and why does it always happen there and Brittany is more than happy to tell me that’s normal.

There is nothing I can do anymore. This sexist biased bullshit state had taken my kids and give given them to a psychopath. She is going to fuck them up, and she is going to drain me flee money as revenge against leaving her and knowing the truth.

I don’t see how God is going to make this right. I don’t think there is anything else I can do. I’m am totally depressed.

That and my daughter tells me mom is her favorite and she loves her more than me and wonder why I gave Hunter children. She is just going to financially devastate me and destroy my children’s emotional well-being. Hunter insists she’s different, but since she doesn’t think she has to make up what she has done to me tells me different.

She maintains she was broken so it’s not her fault. We will see. I just want to leave them all behind and get free. As long as the kids are around she will make me miserable because I know the truth.

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