9/29/15 – Losing It With The Counselors

I got an email from Hunter talking about some things and that they had in-home therapy yesterday. Jessie had a family emergency on Thursday. I asked Jessie what happened and she forwards the email to Hunter.

I lose it. I send her an email stating that I want to talk to her supervisor. She sends me a defensive email saying she is always transparent with communication between us.

I rail on her in front of her supervisor and Brittany via email outlining the lies. It’s all about transparency when it is to Hunter and never transparent between Hunter and I. Jessie never includes me on anything, but always wants to inform Hunter on everything.

I call her supervisor and demand a call back. It never happened.

I am so tired of this system that will destroy the father and the child to keep the children with the mother. There is nothing in this world that is fair. Nothing seems to be true to what I think should be the truth. Just women destroying men and separating them from their children for no other reasons that they are women. If Jessie was clear headed and not projecting shit into my life she would give me Son. But that goes against the code.

I was sick to my stomach afterwards for hours. I just can’t handle this anymore. There just seems that nothing I do is right or helpful. If I do nothing I get calls and texts from Hunter. If I go off Hunter prevents the kids from calling me.

There is nothing but pain and I don’t want this anymore. I love those kids, but the system won’t let me have them. I can only keep praying that God will protect them in my absence. I hope something in Hunter breaks and gives them to me. Or at least Son so that I can help him more. Hunter doesn’t have the ability too.

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