10/28/15 – She Fucks Me on the Parent Teacher Meeting

How fucking amazing is she? Completely buying into her new world and I’m the asshole and she is fresh new and free for a second chance.

After agreeing to skip the parent teacher conference because of the IEP she goes to it anyways.

I text her this morning when it pops up on my phone since it is still on the calendar to see if we are still on. There is enough time for me to make it. No response. So not only did she fuck me but then she doesn’t respond to the text to make sure I don’t go.

Add this to the “mix-up” on the psychiatrist appointment calendar and it would appear to an outsider that I am no longer interested in my son when I am the only one of us who actually cares about him for his sake. It makes me think that she is going to try something. Sad day is she did that. My parents would withdraw the help and her life would evaporate and the kids would be in hell without me. So would Hunter. I hope God helps us all to be free from each other while still giving me the kids.

I text her another time and email the teacher and Hunter tells me that she went. I text her the truth and she ignores it, but continues to text about needing my parents to watch Son.

Always me helping her. Her never helping anyone. Control lies manipulation is the only things she knows. It is going to be a sad day in her life when she realizes no one is there to help her anymore. My parents will get older and I will be moved away and she will have to do it all herself and that will be financial travesty for me.

I hope God will provide. So far the audits guys are driving a lot of business my way and Golden has finally decided to give me a few recurring clients. Maybe things will work out well there and my kids. Time to get a new house and a new life.

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