11/8/15 – Hunter Pulls His Hair

This is how amazing Hunter is. When I pick up my son he tells me that he called mom all the names I used to call her. I ask why. He tells me a story about how he was getting upset and his mom was trying to help but he couldn’t control his anger. Then he tells me pulled her hair and she pulled his hair in return. Then she threw him in his room. Then he tried to throw the trampoline over the balcony. Luckily it was stopped before he broke the glass table.

Funny enough Jessie heard what he said but did not see the hair pulling as she was down stairs. That is how amazing Hunter is. She can physically abuse my son in the presence of a social worker who is too busy telling my son to mind his own business and not worry about adult stuff.

All of this because as a woman she cares about women not about children. So she will ignore the atrocities committed by my ex wife to make she keeps the son. This is how horrible the world is these days.

Did some house hunting and showed Daughter the house I was looking at. She wants me to buy it even if it is “small.” We shall see. It is far away (14 miles – 30 minutes from the kids), but closer to work (11 miles – 20 minutes).  Del Sur unfortunately is in the middle of no-where suburbia so I want have a lot of single people to mingle with. It will take time to travel so I will eventually need to figure out a more gas and high mileage car alternative. That can always wait until VW gets its diesel issues fixed.

Today Son is demanding a lot. I think withThursday there is some residual issues. He demanding eating in last night, but gave Daughter the choice of movie. He demanded ice cream instead of candy for dessert. He has demanded not to go to church. Daughter doesn’t want to go either. Part of that was predicated on Son losing at Battle Ship. That game rarely works out and he has only won once.

He wants to go home away from his sister. Once he found out she was at church he said no.

I sent Hunter a text about and she gave me a similar story without her hair pulling obviously. It came with the snark remark about it happens every week. I wonder why she wants to put all of this through it, but she needs a reason to have a crappy life (Patrick, me, Chris, Son) and she doesn’t want to give up any money.

She is determined to destroy this family. Ok just sure she doesn’t know why or how to fix it.

I just need to let go until she gives me one or both or none. We shall see.

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