1/18/16 – Son Crying to the Drop-off

So the schedule Hunter put together is going to be difficult during busy season, but she wants to think about it changing back to the alternating Friday / Saturday schedule. Too much drop-off issues. Funny this is actually less than what we had originally scheduled. I tried to do this schedule in the summer, but she isn’t biting.

More issues with whatever. I’m sure it’s her work. It’s the only thing that she really seems to care about. Maybe she just wants Daughter since they go shopping and watch tv all the time. Son just gets the routine when they are 1:1.

It was sad this weekend as I was driving Son to drop-off he started crying. He told me he didn’t want to go with her because she doesn’t treat him well like me. All I want to do is protect and comfort him and show Daughter that life isn’t tv and junk food and Hunter has to be in the way.

Maybe it truly is time to let go and let Hunter have he kids and my money and walk away from it all. That’s what she seems to truly want is to pretend all of these horrible things she did do not exist. That she truly is this new butterfly. But how is that possible if she still torments and controls all of us for her fears.

Maybe that’s all that is possible for me is to pay my money and get my freedom as my children suffer and there is nothing I can do about it. Such a nightmare she creates for herself and everyone around her. She must feel really small and helpless.

I wish God could open her heart, but he refuses since that is her decision. Such a sad life to be in with her.

Time to let the rest of it break and rebuild tomorrow!

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