2/29/16 – Broken Door Handle

Another week another story line from Hunter. Son had a meltdown last Thursday when Debbie would not give him a three piece chicken meal at El Polo Loco as a snack near dinner. He eventually hit her.

When Hunter got home, she pushed Son into his room and held the door shut. Eventually, he broke the door handle on his side of the room. She also told him that she was going to call the cops on him. Daughter told me mom said those things too. What a nightmare for those little kids to live in, and Son is so embarrassed by the way mom treats him that he will never tell anyone but me. I can’t go to court that way. I need him to stand up and testify to the truth which he will never do.

This weekend at Daughter’s soccer game I wasn’t sure if I witnessed something between Hunter and the coach or not. He wanted a volunteer to help out with teams and he looked at me and then volunteered Hunter for the job. When they looked at the clipboard he stayed within a couple of inches to her. Plus she took Friday off to get her hair done and told me she was staying in to do a Beach Body video. Not sure what to make of it, but if they are dating like she was in 2014 when it ends the kids will pay for it dearly.

Strange things never seem to amaze me with her. This Sunday she had he kids call. They don’t usually call on Sunday’s so I missed it with my phone charging.

Plus today was two school districts day. As anticipated she wanted to split the time that isn’t 100% covered by the schools. I only get three weeks of vacation and I believe she now gets five so I emailed her telling her that she would be mostly responsible for it.

Funny how she hated the district when she couldn’t be on the PTA now she is desperate to be part of it. I don’t think she is going to make all the mommy friends through Daughter that she thinks. It’s difficult and you need to be extroverted and kind. She is neither. She will constantly be battling my daughters disagreeableness and my sons issues with the world perception that Hunter isn’t very nice. It’s not like church group where you can constantly tug on emotional strings of the group to get pity and be liked. She will eventually become a problem if she inserts herself too much and doesn’t go with the flow.

She will always have to use her money to create and influence in the area and our children will see that as the avenue of least resistance. They will never see the true value of being human that way.

It would be nice if she just moved to Del Sur and put the kids in the best elementary school and school district in the county but that would mean leaving the church group and that is her only friend vehicle. She is lost without them once her boys dump her. If there are any. You never know how many times she lies. I do know she seems to know a lot about the soccer team and never shares that info with me. She was snack mom two weeks ago and knew what soccer field we were on last week without asking. She started telling me then she got quiet. Then she gets volunteered.

I’m guessing like in 2014 where I’m guessing she was dating someone on the PTA, she think she is being smart. But after her putting out all her new Victoria secret for me to see while dropping off Son she is intent on letting me know she has replaced me.

When she came back from talking with the coach I told her they made a cute couple. She was pissed. Not sure if it was the comment and it wasn’t true or I caught on. It’s hard to tell.

It’s like her not wearing USC in front of me during the football season, but watching the games at her house with the kids. Hunter keeps certain things from me as always. It must be a very lonely place in her world. She can’t even say the Amanda is her friend. Just the person she talks to the most in the group. Funny, she has them over to her house all the time now. I would call that a friend but it’s not the type of friend she wants. She wants the Chris party guy to give her friends and a life she will never give herself.

I also did it weird she neves goes to the actuation even though I have her the annual pass. It’s close and she loves the ocean and animals and the beach, but she never goes. I wonder if she will ever see the clear blue ocean again. Sad if she didn’t. Unfair if she did. What a nightmare she created for herself. Created for all of us.

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