3/13/16 – She Got Son to Help Lock Daughter in Her Room

Tough weekend when you hear that your ex-wife elicited the help of your autistic son to help lock your daughter in her bedroom. I never got a reason why other than Daughter was out of control. Still never see any of that with me.

I also yelled at them a lot. It hurts to know she abuses them and that they love her more than me. And I sit here in this suburban row houses as an outsider when the single people are on the coast enjoying their lives. I try to do the right thing for these kids and nothing good ever comes of it. God is supposed to help but he is nowhere to be found.

My daughter on Skype tells me that she won’t tell anyone about the abuse because mom will be mad at me. Not sure if my daughter talked to her or not, but with all the texts all day and the unusual call tonight I doubt it. However, as usual Hunter was listening to the call and will interrogate Daughter tonight and become a bitch to me again. Not sure why I entertain her texts. I’m guessing I’m just tying to get my old life back or at least the kids.

I’m sure Hunter doesn’t have any interest in it, and I’m sure she needs me in her life more than she would ever be willing to admit. Just wish I knew a way to protect those kids from her but it’s not illegal to lock kids in their bedrooms. Although the emotional abuse is not showing up. Of course not, psychologically they blame it on my son so they will continue to be abused and dismissed the rest of their lives. I wish I could change things, but God doesn’t even seem to care to help anyone. Maybe one day God will give me a new family to love. One that loves me back, but since I have never been anyone’s number one priority I am guessing I never will.

Such a lonely life never being loved. Not by your parents, friends, wife or children. Makes one wonder why the world works the way it does. Everyone says what a wonderful guy I am just not for them. I guess they just want a better looking bad boy and the real men get to live in this suburban hell until death.

I just need to find someone to travel the world with and once I retire I will just drop off the face of the earth and let it all fade away.

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