3/19/16 – She Choked Son

So tonight after dinner and hanging out with Son during our 1:1 weekend, he tells me that Hunter put him a choke hold. Actually showed me the position around his neck and everything. He tells me it happened Thursday, the same night that Hunter locked Daughter in her room twice. I guess that is what the exclamation point on the “kids are ready to cal” was related to. She usually doesn’t put on punctuation, so I wondered what happened.

After I picked Son up he told mom put Daughter in her room twice, but left out the choking incident. All that physical violence over a lack of tape and Hunter’s desire to give him risperidone. Which he told me he spit out. If he had taken it he would not have been able to talk to me on the phone.

Now I know why he was quiet on the phone and Daughter seemed tired. I don’t know what else to do. Hunter has Son convinced that the police will be mad at him if he tells them and that his teachers won’t believe him. So sad.

I told him it was his job to protect his sister from Hunter when I’m not there. I also showed him a couple of moves to get out of a choke hold. I don’t want her sending one of them to the hospital or worse. I hope tomorrow goes well. It’s his birthday. Jumping around for two hours and then pizza. Last year he had a complete meltdown and kicked Hunter and the 4Runner window for a while. I don’t want another experience like that with my left arm injured.

We shall see. I will have to let him know that there is no way we can hime Black Mountain if he blows up at his party. I pray things go smoothly. For all of us!

FYI – Today was Daughter’s lasts over game. Hunter had games past this weekend. At the game I asked her if she changed the calendar and she said no. Funny, the Apple Calendar tracks changes and showed her changing the calendar at 10:30 this morning. I’m guessing that is when she found out. Her narcissism working overtime to protect her image. I guess that’s why she doesn’t tell most people about the divorce. I pray God reveals everything to everyone one day.

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