6/12/16 – She Admits to Abusing Son

At Son’s soccer game he gets upset when the ref tells him that he socks are on incorrectly. Hunter goes over to talk to him, but it accelerates the issues. After a few minutes I walk over to see what is going on and Son starts taking off.

He is screaming for his mom while I am trying to call him down. I look around and Hunter is gone. I call her and she tells me she is sitting with Daughter watching the game. I yell at her to get over here and she asks me why she has to take care of this. I tell her Son is calling for her.

She comes over and is all sad and pouty faced and sits on the park bench and does nothing. Son tells me to yell at her and I ask her to help. She tells me to stop abusing her and that’s when I lose it. I start yelling at her about hitting and kicking Son this week and choking him. She tells me that she can’t restrain him anymore. I tell her she can, but she is to mentally ill to do it.

She tells me that I can’t blame her for making mistakes on Son. That’s when I start yelling at her about all of the things she did:

  • Cheating on me with Chris
  • Faking pregnancies
  • Faking suicides
  • Abusing me
  • Abusing Son
  • Abusing Daughter
  • Being mentally ill

She tells me to stop abusing her and I tell her she abused me for 16 years and I am going to be abusing her forever as long she abuses my children.

She walks away crying and doesn’t even say goodbye to my daughter. I’m sure she went doll eyes again. Typical Bordelrine trait of going comatose when faced with too much stimulation of the hell they create on earth.

On dropping of the kids yesterday she stays in the car until the kids are knocking on the doors.

I’m done with her insanity. God doesn’t seem to be giving me a wife so I may start taking my kids. I know it may be a sin to publish all of this and attach her to it, but someone has to be able to see the truth.

I got a life group leadership position at church today. The second single parent group. Hunter’s is the first. I’m sure Gerry won’t approach me. I am sure that Hunter is lying her ass off about what she has done and blaming me like she did yesterday. Constantly telling me I’m a using her. She doesn’t seem to remember the affairs, the faked pregnancies, the faked suicides, the years of physical abuse, or the decades of treating me like shit since I wasn’t her soulmate in Seattle.

I guess it is time for that which is the dark to come out into the light for her. Just as it says in the Bible. God will extract his revenge on her. She does have it coming to her.

May he have mercy on my soul.

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