7/19/16 – Son Tells His Therapist

Son told me this weekend that his mom grabbed him rough again because he was out of control. I told him to tel Dr. Turner. He said he would and that he told her that Hunter choked him. Dr Turner told him that she was just trying to administer medicine. I told him to tell the Dr about the hitting and kicking and the grabbing him roughly this week. We shall see if anything comes of it.

I texted Hunter about this Saturday and Knott’s Berry Farm. She said not to risk setting off Son. I texted back asking if she was having problems and she isn’t responding. I’m guessing she won’t put it in writing because she knows she is the problem.

This morning I also found one of my old condoms missing. At least I think so. There used to be two (I thought blue) but now there are two purple and one blue. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me or she is hooking up in the house and is using my condoms since the dbag didn’t bring his own. It would have to be a church group otherwise a date would know to bring one.

She also seems to be drinking a lot of Moscows. Big bottle of vodka and tequila from Costco. More ginger beer. I could just be reading into things since there were no empty bottles around. Just wine. I wish I didn’t look, but I still need to find my last USC degree. I can’t find it anywhere. One day. One day I hope she will get her shot together. I even prayed for her at church during communion. She sits alone two rows in front of me. Obviously needing my attention. If she is hooking up then what a sad existence she has.

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