7/22/16 – She Is Drinking Again

Today was Habitat for Humanity day. Spent the day working on the roof. Hot day, and we could see Tijuana from the roof. Good people, and the owners were very appreciative. Jose actually bought pizza for us and insisted we eat. Old school respect, and personally thanked us. Glad to see good people getting help. So many in this world tend to demand when they should work for them.

Followed up with Patrick about coffee. We are set for Sunday morning. I know he spends all day at church and then the evening with Tarra. It sounded like whatever issue with Tarra hasn’t created lasting issues.

My stomach still hurts from all the work, and I’m nursing some messed up skin on my hands. I’m tired, but glad I did the work. I was thinking about Joy and her volunteer work just so the church will pay for her to go overseas and here I am doing manual labor for no one who will remember my name. I guess that is the way God said we should do it. For the gift of giving to others because we can. What you do unto the least of my children you do unto me. It’s hard to not want to get credit for something in this world. Facebook, Twitter, everything is a social experiment of personal achievement. I guess this is a wonderful learning opportunity for me. I’m sure the more I do of it, the less I will have to think about it.

I spent the evening at my parents for my dad’s birthday. No drama with mom this time. I’m just keeping my mouth shut. At least my dad liked the fact we came over.

I was supposed to have a date Saturday, but she couldn’t find a sitter so it’s on for next week. Kids are out of town, so I am also getting baptized. Big weekend for me.

Tomorrow is puppy interview day. The house inspection went well and the doggie door screen is on its way. I hope that pup I am looking for likes us and we can take it home. Would be nice to work with it while sitting at home on Saturday. I don’t really want to go down to the single parent bonfire. I am still trying to stay away, but staying home on a Saturday seems wrong again.

My ex seems to be taking notes on me again. At least in May. I’m sure the fact that she hit on me in April started this nonsense. Mostly lies. Her writing that she is afraid I will attack her is funny since she always hit me and now hits my son, but I never touched her. Total projection. Interesting to see how her messed up mind works.

She is also drinking a lot now. More vodka and wine that before. Sad to see her desires for alcohol are increasing. I can only hope she is having friends over, but the ginger beers are gone from Monday. More vodka out of the bottle. Sad situation over there. Glad I don’t have to see it much anymore. She is going to go over the edge soon – boyfriend or not.

Sad to see my kids having to live in that. One day we shall see things turn for the best.

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