I caught my ex on Match today. I tried to tell her about dating in this day and age and not sleeping with guys too early. She got pissed when I called her out on dating and being on the site. Funny how she still lies about it. No reason to.

I guess she is embarrassed about it, but she always lied when she dated even when married. I hope she takes things seriously. When she starts to have sex and gets dumped my kids will take the punishment. I still wonder when God is going to help find someone for me. I’m starting to doubt He has any interest in helping me in this area of my life. If that’s true that sucks.

Why does everyone get someone but me? And tomorrow the dog goes back. It will be a very lonely house for me. I guess I should get used to it.

Maybe I should call God out on this subject. At some point I deserve good things in my life too. Why should my ex get good things and not me after all of the horrors she put others through? I know we all deserve second chances, but I don’t get an apology or my money back so has she really changed? I don’t think so. She may be strong enough to date and go on vacation alone, but is she a changed person? I don’t see it. So why should she get dates and a boyfriend, but no one for me?

It doesn’t seem fair, but life seldom is. I hope that one day I will be on the winning side of the unfairness and get the woman I deserve.

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