This is the amazing shit about borderline’s, she actually believes I screwed her over. Taking about her lying about dating at dropping off the kids, and she tells me she is going to be careful because she has been screwed over so much in the past. I am sure this is a clear reference to me as well as Chris and her high school sweetheart. She actually believes that I screwed her over. I tell her she destroyed my life, and right away she says this conversation is over. 

I am not sure if this relates to me moving out, or not giving her the life she thought she deserved. I know she will always be in this make shift hell in this life until she dies. Anyone who cheats, fakes pregnancies and suicides, and says I screwed her over is bat shit crazy!

What I do know is this Harley Quinn persona that she is taking on is not going to do well for her. In on line dating it’s just a statement that you are easy. With the new see through panties I am sure that is where she is headed. She has always used her body and sex to get what she wanted. In the end she never gets what she needs.

I called and texted her last night about the kids today. She never got back to me. I’m sure she had a date, but lied about. She told me she was only go to stay home and work on Sawyer’s Halloween costume. She was gone from the house by 7:30 I’m guessing. I’m guessing on a date. That or she was just radio silent to piss me off. 

Funny how we all still play games at this day and age. In the end she will die rich and alone, or rich and with a leach…

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