This is when the shit gets interesting. She changed the locks over the last two weeks. My kids told her that I was snooping through her stuff. Which I was. 

There are several occasions where she writes stuff down then rewrites them in harsher tones. There was also a time when she had written the notes out of chronological order, then rewrites them in chronological order. Always something similar to the truth, but always colored in her favour. Her favorite is she is scared I’m going to hurt her since I have a gun. A gun that had never been fired by the way, nor do I even have ammo for it.

With a borderline everything she says and does is colored by her fear of getting caught and her self loathing. It generally comes out as a projection of lies. They call this a distortion campaign in the psychological community. I am unfortunately the recipient of one from a very smart little bitch. Now it’s time to pay her back.

Tonight I’m going to hyper tag her on every page of this website and change the front page to About. That way every time anyone Google’s her it will eventually come up. It’s time the world knows her insanity.

I know I have a lot of emotional baggage on this site. I know it will hurt a few friends when they read it, but I am willing to lose everything to save these kids. Now that I can’t protect them I need to extract them. Since my son’s psychologist isn’t willing to help it’s time to blow her up in the community.

I’ve done this before and changed my mind, but Harley Quinn’s new persona is a desperate plea for destruction and it’s time to make that happen. I don’t think she realizes that the harlequin was originally a comedic reimaging of the devil. This totally makes sense in her case.

It’s time to be her Joker and see how low I can take her until she gives me custody of the kids. It’s the only way they can be safe. Otherwise there will be no ability for me to protect them when she chokes them, or pulls his hair, or hits them, or locks them in their rooms. When my five year old daughter tries to break her window on the second floor to get out she will eventually die because of it. I don’t want that blood on my hands, and this is my last recourse. Time to let the hounds of hell out to take their sister back home.

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