Today was pretty good for most of the day until the afternoon when my daughter had a meltdown. Typical when she doesn’t sleep and wants tv. 

Afterwards, my son tells me that he was restrained on Tuesday at church group. How much guilt and embarrassment must this kid go through for Heidi’s little group of friends? It’s not like she even follows the precepts of Christianity. Right now she is having relations with one of the members of her church group. It’s the only way she can get a guy because she can’t handle dating in this life. She can’t really handle anything without a guy helping her.

If I could never see her again that would be prefect, but alas that isn’t possible. She would terrorize me with money requests until I was broke. Her punishment for me leaving. I just hope her new guy shows up to my daughter’s party so I can let him know the truth about her.

I’m also thinking of letting the cat out of the bag with her brother. Nothing better than to test the water with the truth. Let’s see how Christian they really are. I’m sure they will still rally around her. They have nothing better to do. Selfish family the lot of them.

Can’t wait until I can get the hell out of her life and protect my children but alas God is the only one that can make that happen.

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