The last tranch of Qualcomm stock she owed me still hasn’t come through, but eTrade is fixing that this week. The stock is supposed to come over with all the dividends associated with them, but not this time. She kept them. 

It amazes me how easily she lies, cheats, steals, fakes pregnancies, fakes suicides, and destroys life after life after life with impunity. I just don’t understand how someone can live such an immoral life and not have it destroy her soul. 

She has a boyfriend and church friends and always has her weekends planned out now. She never used to. Then again she is also getting close to 90 pounds, so there is some issues inside her head. 

I on the other hand talk to myself in my sleep about being flawed and fucked up. Need to change that shit in my head. It’s not healthy anymore for me. I can’t move on this way. 

At least this is the last tranch of stock she can fuck me with. She makes so much, spends so little on the kids and saves so much more. She doesn’t pay for dates. She doesn’t pay for anything that isn’t making herself look pretty.  

I guess less than rich is better than being her. Just wish I knew there will be vindication for me someday. I guess love would say be patient. At her day of judgement things will be as they should be. Hopefully, for both of us!…

She finally got back to me and is sending me a check for $38 bucks. I’m not even going to check the math. It’s too small to worry about. Just wish she would stop always making me ask. Thankfully this is the last piece.

She will die rich and alone. 

I will die at peace and in God’s hands. 

I’ve been playing Fix My Eyes on repeat the last day or so…

Love like I’m not scared, give when it’s not fair

Live life for another, take time for a brother

Fight for the weak ones, speak out for freedom

Find faith in the battle, stand tall and above it all

Fix My Eyes On YOU

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