I lost it a little bit this morning. Sent Heidi several texts about not giving me my stuff. As usual, no response. I’m sure she won’t because it’s her desire to get a response from me. She needs to know I’m still in this somehow and stealing from me is the only way she can get it.

It’s just making me tired and miserable.

Anger is her ability to control me. The more I hate her the more she owns me. 

The more I understand that she is a scared little child inside an adult body begging for people to hate her because she hates herself the more freedom I have from her.

It’s time to walk away from everything and start fresh. What I don’t have I don’t need? I hope that’s true. There are things that are mind that I will never get back. Probably don’t need any of it.

Just need to walk away free of anger and a heart filled with forgiveness.

I’m not there yet, but I need to get there.

The more I focus on the past, the more I miss the present and the future. What a waste?

At least I had some growth through this pain. I hope 2017 becomes a series of growth oriented events so that I can move forward with a beautiful life!

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