So I’m at a play with my daughter and Heidi can’t even look at me. It’s like I’m not here. It amazes me how quickly Borderlines can switch and blend into the world. She has no personality of her own so she has to pretend to be something that she is not. 

I guess she will always be this way. She has gotten younger clothing (shoes) with older clothing (long skirt). She no longer dresses the way she used to. I’m sure she is to small for adult clothes now. She appears to still be getting smaller. 

So sad to see my life in turmoil while she is on easy street. My daughter is always emotionally unbalanced with her abusing mom, and she is becoming a lot like her. Probably growing into a histrionic. Sad to see the things I love go down this way. 

After my hike I told Gina that I was done with 3040 and Patrick invites me over tonight. Funny I wasn’t invited for fight club now that Joy’s beau is in charge of hosting it. I’m guessing Patrick knows I’m out. He’s just not mature enough to know how to handle this situation. I guess it’s best to move on. 

Funny how I’m unemployed and Heidi makes me buy the kids candy at intermission. How cheap can she be? Unfortunately she will pay with cash or ego next week. I’m kind of done taking care of her sins. It’s time for everyone to know!

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