Funny how Heidi always has to stalk me. She’s reading this blog again. Her face book profile changed and went on about how people change after being hurt. I find it hilarious that she still sees herself as the injured party. 

Heidi had affairs, faked pregnancies, faked suicides, and destroyed my life to indulge her fantasy world and can’t accept responsibility for any of it. She blames me. 

She can keep fucking her stupid little boyfriend and hangout with her stupid little church friends and I will burn her to the ground this week. It’s all over for her if she doesn’t cut me the checks. 

My daughter told me that mom had a lot on her mind Saturday afternoon so the kids had to go to bed early. I’m guessing readying my blog put her into a bit of a tizzy. I’m sure she knows I have all my daughters troop emails for the moms. I know her close friends and their respective contact emails in her church group including Chris. I’m sure he would never touch her again after reading the blog. 

She knows I know all her Qualcomm peeps contact info. She would end up working at QCOM like she did at PwC – hated! That’s what she deserves after all that. 

She is destroying my daughter and I have the proof. She is abusing both my children while lying to the world. I guess that free ride in San Diego / starting over isn’t going to be too much longer for her. 

Her new life ends this week! She better hope to crawl under a heavy rock over the couple of days before the 15th or everything will turn sideways for her. She can kiss her life goodbye!

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