Heidi tells me that she will get back to me in a week with her answer on child support. Funny she thinks she can move around this. This support is court ordered and non-negotiable. She’s lucky I’m not going for spousal support. She is going to stay in her hell and be there forever. 

She spent two years and nine months trying to get back together with before dating. She gets eaten up on Match, and is now dating some loser in her church group. She knows he’s not the type of guy she would date, but it’s better than being alone. I’m sure she is paying for a lot of the dates. 

I think I have come to the conclusion of selling the house. I may or may not visit with the kids afterwards. I don’t like not spending time with them, but I also don’t need them to see what Heidi has done to another human being. 

What a waste of a life? That piece of shit woman destroys everything she touches. I spoke with my daughters psychologist this morning and she told me Heidi already spoke to her. 

Heidi’s distortion campaign is in full effect and she is trying to drive me out of the area. I’m sure she thinks that her guilt will go away with out me around. What she doesn’t know is that with out me in the picture she will have the kids 24/7 and all her time with Chris will vanish…as the kids will get worse because they will blame her for me being gone. That will make that house a nightmare for everyone. Besides her guilt is in lies, in her premarital sex, and in her past. It has nothing to do with me and will continue to eat her alive in this life as well as condemn her to hell in the next one.

Sometimes you have to let go to save yourself. 

Heidi will always be a selfish, shallow, greedy monster destroying every life she touches. And I will always be the one she goes after because I know her truth and can expose her. 

Maybe exposure is the only way to stop it?

Maybe that is the only way to save the kids too?

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