3/20/17 – Heidi is Giving Up The Kids On Sawyers Birthday

I get this email today about taking the kids on Sawyers birthday. The MSA stipulates this to be a joint event, but obviously Heidi is unable to handle it. She thinks she is treated poorly, but it’s her affairs, faking pregnancies and suicides that creates the issues. 

If she would say she was sorry and pay me what she stole things would be fine. However, she will never do that because she is a Boredrline. 

It saddens me that she is really trying to give the kids away. I’m guessing she is trying to go out with friends or her boyfriend. How pathetic that she has to dump her children for sex. 

It seems like everyone in my life is doing this. 3040 won’t invite me to anything because of Joy and her boyfriend. Such little children. I don’t understand why I have to go through this, but I am sure there is learning to be done. 

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