3/23/17 – She Looks But Generally Won’t Address Me

My son’s IEP meeting and Heidi doesn’t seem to address me when she gets in. She does look and talk a little bit to/with me in the two hour meeting, but doesn’t directly talk to me. At least my son is doing amazing!

That is probably a good idea for her as I was just trying to keep my mouth shut. Not easy to do when the last time we spoke she went off to her boyfriends or brothers house right afterwards. Then again she did threaten to sue me. 

She was earring her amazing push up bra. I’m sure there isn’t much left inside it, but funny that she is constantly wearing clothes that make her body look a certain way. I’m sure to attract men and make Chris happy. Still think it’s insane that she stays with him even though he treats her poorly. It’s too early in a relationship for that type of treatment. Then again, for a Borderline it’s easier to be in a bad relationship then alone. 

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