4/1/17 – More Drama At Heidi’s House

I spoke with the kids psychologist and explained Heidi’s condition. She totally understood. Turner wanted to help me understand Savannah’s issues with abandonment and that Heidi’s house is always under constant emotional strain. 

Savannah told me that Heidi took away her favorite blanket (chocolate) and favorite stuffed animal for yelling at Heidi removing a splinter. What an overreaction to things?

My son cried last night when he found out that Heidi didn’t want to spend Friday night with Sawyer on his birthday. Such a sad state of affairs. She makes $400k and didn’t even buy him a present. I’m unemployed and I got him one. She is such a selfish bitch somedays. 

Heidi also asked to pick up the kids later on Monday. She said it was the kids, but then she said thanks. I’m sure she is with Chris and just wanted some more time with him. I’m guessing they went out of town and needed the extra time together. I still can’t believe that she cares more about some stupid pos then her kids. 

Then again she has always only cared about herself and never anyone else. 

As I was coming home from Phils BBQ with the kids I cried. It’s finally hitting me that unless something breaks I will starve to death because of Heidi. 

I guess I deserve that after staying with her so long. It’s not like she even cares. She prefers it that way so that her sins die with me. I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Unfortunately it was on me!

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