4/23/17 – She Is Stealing From Savannah

After the daughter daddy dance she hangs out with me at my house. This morning she tells me that mom took her money for behavior issues. She tells me she is still throwing away toys, and threw away all of the Easter candy my parents gave her. 

She also told me that she snuck a candy from mom’s basket and Heidi would not let her have lunch because of it. She just had to sit there in the restaurant and watch my son and Heidi eat lunch. Such a sad existence. 

Savannah also told me she would run away and never see either of us again if Heidi married Chris.  I told Savannah to let me know on the phone and I would pick her up at the park. It’s not safe for her to be running away. Heidi didn’t seem to care. 

Heidi did tell my daughter that the Skype would end if I kept talking about the past. I find it funny since I don’t talk about the past with the kids. Only the present. I do remind Heidi of the past when she is mean to the kids. 

I sent Heidi anothe text on 1:1 time, but Heidi refuses to acknowledge the texts. Dr Turner strongly suggested it, but Heidi doesn’t want to give up time with her boyfriend. I talked to her about it at my son’s psychiatrist appointment but she said no. The kids have asked and she told them no too. 

Obviously the kids are not a priority for Heidi. I wish God would figure out away around her for the benefit of the kids.  

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