5/1/17 – The Kids Are Gone

Friday’s pickup agent awfully wrong. My son was already agitated and went into full meltdown. Heidi just stood there and did nothing. Then she threatened to call the police and drove off. I screamed like a mad man as Mike was recording it.

Sawyer ran off and the RSF fire went into action. The report details Sawyer not wanting to go with me. When he gets home he tells me he didn’t know why he didn’t want to come with me. Heidi did it on purpose so she doesn’t have to pay child support.

Today she responded to my email saying that it’s in the best interest of the kids that they don’t see me. It’s really that she doesn’t want them to know the truth about her. She keeps telling them I am a liar. They know the truth, but the longer I’m gone the longer they will start to believe her.

It’s all her game to destroy my kids and use my parents as babysitters. She will marry Chris and destroy my children’s lives because she is a monster of a human being.

Mike just sat there and recorded things. Then again he cheated on Shamera so what else is there to expect from that family. They are all monsters who pretend to be Christians or Catholics. They are all enemies of God. You can by the monsters they created. Now I’m unemployed and alone and miserable.

I doubt I will see my kids again for a long time. I guess God is pruning everything away from me.

I pray He has something beautiful lined up for me or else I will be hurt in ways that are unimaginable. 

I just got off the phone with Savannah and she told me that Heidi is hiring a nanny. Just like her book with Don. She makes the money and hires someone else to raise the kids so she can travel the world. The kids are going to end up destroyed with this shit.

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