5/18/17 – Heidi’s Dad Died

I know it is not a pleasant thing to go through, but the fact that Heidi used her dad’s death to vacation with her boyfriend seems wrong. When she came home Tuesday night she stayed at Chris’s house instead of seeing her kids. What a nightmare for my children to have a mom that does not love them. 

Heidi lied about Chris not being up there. Then again Heidi is Chris’s meal ticket out of poverty. I’m sure he has never had enough money to do much, and now his sugar mama has arrived. She is getting played like she played me. Heidi will never know real love or peace with this guy around, and if there is a truth to my daughter as soon as they get married I will have Savannah within a few months. She won’t stay in that house with him. 

Besides Heidi left telling the children to the church. She didn’t even have the guts to tell them herself. What a coward…

I feel bad for the kids having to live in that reality. At least mediation went well and I got my first check. I made her cry on the way out because she acts so vengfully towards me. 

She cheated, faked pregnancies and suicides and blames me for leaving her. I hate to say it, but I do pray for her passing so I can save my daughter. I know it’s wrong so I am starting to just ask God to bring me my daughter so I can save her. I guess his timing is better than my desires. Not that I like it, but I’m sure it’s true. 

I hope at some time Heidi’s life details to a place where she realizes she is the problem. Unfortunately, with all Bordelines they default to narcissism when the ego is bruised. Just ask any who is still trashing me at 3040. 

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