6/5/17 – More Insanity

Heidi is not liking my protection of the children. She has sent several accusatory and debasing emails, and texts about how I am bullying her. 

She is eavesdropping on my calls with Savannah or making Savannah tell her what was talked about. She sent another email this morning saying I was telling the kids she doesn’t love them and it’s unsafe. Funny the kids tell me she doesn’t love them, and Heidi personally said it wasn’t safe for Savannah at Dr Turner’s meeting last week. 

Then again Heidi called the cops on Sawyer and they took him for a psych evaluation. Heidi never even told me until the meeting with Dr Turner. Then she has the audacity to say she is unwilling to do 1:1 time unless we discuss with Dr Turner. Heidi has some concerns. I know they relate to Heidi not getting to see her boyfriend enough. Sad she has to pay someone at a trailer park to have sex with her. Must be a lonely life to have to constantly lie about things. 

At the meeting with Dr Turner, Dr Turner mentioned institutionalization for my son. Heidi jumped on it. The next morning at Kornberg’s she asks him if he would recommend that now. He said it is premature, and I find out that Heidi did not up the meds as recommended. Heidi seems to be doing everything possible to abandon our son for her boyfriend. 

I keep praying that God will move this mountain for me. That He will bring me my daughter to be safe at my house. Heidi told me to stop telling Savannah to tell her teachers and Turner about the abuse she suffers at the hands of Heidi. I told Heidi it was legal and moral to protect my children as long as she continues to abuse them. 

I find it funny how all these messed up women go on about being abused and they are the abusers. Heidi lies like nobody else and I am sure if my daughter stays there she will eventually kill herself under that roof. What a sad world we live in where child abusers get to run things because they are female and not moral. I guess they are already in a different type of hell. 

I hope there is a way out of this. I hope God will find a way. 

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