Not only was last Friday a cluster with Heidi assuming I would be her babysitter without asking me, but Savannah told me that Heidi pulled her ponytail on Tuesday in front of the church group. Savannah told me that no one in the group said anything. What a cowardly group who pretends to be Godly?

Not only does Heidi have premarital sex in ear shot of the kids, but she has also told them that Chris is “part of the family.” I find that funny. She needs a pet to not be alone and he is a kept man. The kids told me that he is getting evicted from his trailer in a trailer park. He can knit, home brew, has RC cars, and bought an expensive guitar for himself at Christmas but can’t pay his rent. I guess everyone needs a pet to play with.

Friday was a disaster. Heidi literally texted me that if I had time constraints I should have told her. She never asked for me to keep her all night. I told her if she didn’t pay me $200 or pick up Savannah I would call CPS and tell them Heidi abandoned her. Sadly she yelled at the people at YMCA to get me to take her back. Heidi truly is a monstrous bitch who doesn’t love the kids.

It’s obvious with Savannah’s weight. The cats are fat. Chocolate is now a permanent resident of my house because of Heidi’s emotional instability.

I called CPS about the hair pulling and they don’t seem to be doing anything. I truly hope that Savannah goes through with running away enough to make it dangerous for her to live there. Heidi is a monster. Heidi won’t even pay for School of Rock. She makes $400k and spends all her money on herself and Chris. What a horrible at to live?

I hope God finds a way to give me Savannah before it’s too late. I guess they are a sacrifice I have to make for Him. It would be nice to have a few friends in the area and a women who would eventually become my wife. I hope he answers that prayer as well. We shall see!

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