CPS isn’t going to investigate the hair pulling incident.

Strange last night I got a text telling me to kill myself. Heidi, Chris, or another member of her church group sending it. Not sure how they consider this Christianity, but what do you expect from an enemy of God. Heidi lies about everything.

I sent it to Laura Berg, but have not heard back. I know she is overworked, but at sometime there has to be a moral backbone at Daybreak. Otherwise they are no different then North Coast Calvary and Matt Tague’s 3040. Just a bunch of hypocrites. They can say the right words, but never do the right things.

Sad to see such a monster win and I lose for being His disciple. Not sure I can believe in a God that is going to let this happen to my children and I.

What a waste of money and time down here? I know Heidi is miserable as she took all of Savannah’s toys away last night and locked her in her room. Of course, Heidi denied knowing anything about the text. It had to come from her somehow. There is no other person to know.

Pharisees and hypocrites. They will be reach on earth, but in hell now and in the afterlife. Heidi still continues to lose weight. Would be nice if things fell apart for her, but they never will. Evil always triumphs over good in this world…at least in my life right now.

Maybe it’s time to pack it up and go home to Orange County. No job, a little money and see how long I can last.

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