I went up to Orange County today on an interview. Unfortunately, there was no job there. They just wanted me to bring in a book of business to cover my salary.

I can't seem to find work in San Diego. I can't seem to find work in Orange County. I feel like life is slipping by me.

My ex sent me a bunch of pictures of my son at adventure camp. I am sure that she is feeling guilty over her and her boyfriend telling me to kill myself. Funny Daybreak church never responded. I guess that is Christianity in San Diego. Hypocrites…

I am unfriending a lot from 3040 on Facebook. A bunch of people that do not worship God but love the idea of being a Christian. At what point in time do people realize that adultery, fornication, lying, cheating and deceiving is not the way to life a Christian life.

I am sure that I will be selling the house soon and moving somewhere. Not sure where or when, but I can't continue along these lines anymore. No friends in San Diego. No job prospects. Nothing left for me here except staying around my nut job ex-wife who wants me to kill myself.

Then again she never admits to doing anything, and the kids always take her side with CPS. If I don't find work soon I will be in a deep depression. I know that's what my ex wants…for me to kill myself.

I wish there was some truth in this reality, but I am starting to not believe anything anymore. At least I can continue to pursue my pursuits at Biola and Cicerone certifications. At worst I can go back into the restaurant business. Maybe work as a bartender in a craft beer joint.

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