I was out on a date with someone that I dated for a long time last year. She is a good person, but has a lot of insecurity from being abused by her ex-husband. During the date she kept getting darker until I finally called her out on it.

She didn't want to get into things, but I finally had to look at her and tell her God loved her. She doesn't believe it. She kept telling me didn't and I could tell her ex was being a bit abusive.

It's hard to have this mission where I am helping people see the truth especially when it ruins a date. In the end His Message was more important than the date. I'm not sure how she is doing today, but at least I was true to me. Things may not always work out the way they are supposed to from my perspective, but I am sure that they are working out according to His Plans.

I am sure that is the way it supposed to be.

Maybe I should not date for a while. Focus on the kids and school and look for a part-time job to earn a little extra cash on the side.

Still upset over the suicide text. At least the number is blocked and I haven't received any calls. Funny on the first day of school I got several. Such a coward to not leave a message. I'm sure he won't be calling or texting again. He knows I will send the police to arrest Chris if he does it again. What a little coward? He can't even make rent on a 500 square foot trailer in a trailer park and he has the audacity to talk shit to me. These are the type of Christians at Daybreak in Carlsbad. To think I used to love that church.

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