I emailed Clay yesterday about small groups, and he got back to me with a few options. I think I will have to wait until September to start. I have the kids this weekend and a long weekend next weekend. Hopefully I can turn this into a launching pad for a Singles Affinity Group with the church. I was told I had to wait three more months before they would consider it since they want to wait a year before launching things. I keep thinking to myself that a healthy singles group would actually increase people in church and small groups. It would be beneficial to create something healthier than 3040 at NCCC.

Sad for Patrick. I saw his mug in a picture this morning and reached out to my fraternity brother about him. If he tries to get on leadership I will have a lot of info to provide on why that is a bad idea. On what point in time does Patrick realize he was the cause of a lot of the issues.

Joy fakes pregnancies, indulges in adultery and one night stands and Patrick allows this as the norm in 3040. I hope God allows me and a few others to create something valuable to God and safe to singles down in San Diego.

I also reached out to Josh, but I’m not sure he is all that on board with meeting again. Something tells me he is blowing me off. Then again he seems like he has a lot on his plate so he could just be overwhelmed.

I also reached out to Westminster for a meeting about scholarships. Danny had mentioned that there could be some additional funds available. Thankfully Mark scheduled the meeting. If I could get a few more dollars in scholarship, a part-time job, and a little luck in my business things might be looking better later this year. If not, debt is going to be high enough that I will need to cash in my 401k’s.

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