I can’t believe that my daughter told me that last night. On the vacation when no one was looking my former Mother-In-Law slapped my six year old daughter. My daughter told me that she has done that before, but she waits until no one is looking to do it.

She is just like her daughter. Violent and devious about it. Nothing like Borderlines to destroy beautiful lives together.

That just throws me for a loop. When my father slapped my son on the behind six years ago, my ex blew a head gasket about it. She made me call my dad and demand an apology. I guess that doesn’t work in her family. Everyone gets away with violence, adultery, theft, and lies and no one cares. I guess that is why my ex is ok with her boyfriend telling me to kill myself.

One day I will meet him and things will change quickly with his attitude.

Westminster didn’t give me much additional scholarship. I get it. I have additional resources compared to other students, but what are they using the money for? It’s not like they are going to get a lot of people in the door next week.

Biola offered to pay for half my first class this fall. I am sure they got my grades from USC and know that I can handle the work. I didn’t get an MBA and MBT from USC. Graduated in the top 2% and 1% respectively. Not that business compares to Divinity. They are two separate things, but drive and determination determines a lot about life.

I just need to figure out how to earn some money while going to school for the next four years.

I am sure my ex will read this and go nuts. It’s really none of her business. She pretends to be Christian like Joy and Gina. The three of them have no heart for God at all. It’s all about money and sex. Nothing about righteousness.

I guess that is what he called me for. To clear my own life to help others.

Not sure where to go. Westminster is a lot more expensive, but I would learn the languages of the Bible. I would not get that at Biola. I have a week to think about it and decide do I crack my 401(k)’s to make ends meet?

In the end I feel drawn to stay with Westminster. It would be fascinating to learn Hebrew and Ancient Greek, and read the Word in the original languages. It’s just going to be tough to get up to speed fast enough.

They already have me ready a book in anticipation of the first class. I still have a couple of books to buy as well. I guess the decision is already made. Just need a little income or a sugar mama (not that I want one).

Only God knows what the future holds. I just need to keep moving forward with His plan for me even if I do not know what it is.

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