8/25/17 – My Daughter Hates Her Mom

I should not expect her to dislike her mom. She is a monster to her. Heidi does not seem to care that she is slowly destroying her daughter. Heidi only cares about the insanity in her head, money, and the loser boyfriend who can’t even pay the rent on his trailer park trash 500 square foot space. Both my kids called him stupid when I picked them up today.

Heidi is taking care of some of her dads affairs while on vacation with Chris. She can’t go anywhere without him. It’s really a vacation since she has no relationship with her dad. It’s just a money grab by the kids. I am sure they all miss him, but he had very little to do with the girls.

I’m trying to figure out how to move forward with life. Money is in short supply, and dropping out of 3040 makes things a little more lonely. It’s not a heathy group, so loneliness is probably better then emotionally unhinging. It’s so funny to see how they worship my ex girlfriend who faked a pregnancy on me and cheated on me and lied about our six month relationship. Then they wonder why God allowed a pedophile to run the group. Why would God care about people who celebrate adultery and not righteousness?

I doubt I will here from any of them anymore. I dropped the wine club and pissed a lot of people off. They think I should suck it up, but I know Joy sent Kelly to spy on me. Kelly is an overweight middle aged bitter women who will never marry or have a boyfriend. Then again a lot of the women in 3040 are not dating properly. They either throw their body at men and wonder why they get used or have stopped dating altogether. Sad to see. There are good ladies in the group, just very confused. Most likely to stay that way for a long time.

For me I think I need to focus son school, exercise, and kids. When the time is right to go out and date He will let me know. Hopefully, Saddleback SD will start a singles group soon. Clay said there was more people looking for single small groups. It would be wonderful to get something together now and let people come in and grow within it.

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