Yesterday was the first day of Seminary. I felt so old compared to most of these kids. There is only one guy older than me and he drives in from Riverside so we won’t be coming fast friends. He’s a good guy just not geographically located.

I have a lot of reading and memorizing of the Hebrew letters by Tuesday and spending Sunday with my daughter. It will give her a break from Heidi and Sawyer. She will need it with Chris going to the baseball game. She hates that guy. Not sure why Heidi dates him other than she is afraid of being alone. Why does she have to pay for all of the dates and he can barely make rent on a trailer in a trailer park? She needs a pet to play with. I’m sure it must be tough with all that hate in your head and heart for yourself…

I’m trying to dive deep into Seminary. At least it can focus my mind and rearrange my reality. Tough part will be the languages and an internship.

It sounds like Jeff at Saddleback might be on board with the internship. I’m sure the free labor will help. I know there are a couple of events over the next two weeks that I should attend. One is North Coast Calvary Chapel. I’m sure if I go I will run into people I know and don’t want to see. 3040 can’t do anything by themselves. Any chance for a social gathering in the name of a God they don’t actually follow.

I guess it will be good for me to find ways to exist with people that have treated me poorly. I know it’s commanded by Christ so I should start making good work of it.

The other issues are going to be time. Part-time father, full-time student, part-time intern, and no help. Going to need to kick caffeine, and start on natural energy soon before I fall asleep on the Monster Energy. I must have some ADD since too much caffeine puts me to sleep.

I just keep wishing that God would provide some guidance right now. Is this the right school? Am I in the right area? Should I take my daughter more or less?

Right now I hear nothing. I would like to believe I am here for a reason and that He has a plan. Just not sure what it is…

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