I’m still 450 pages behind in my reading. Looks like I will have to catch up this weekend. I don’t think I will ever become one of the kids due to my age, but a few have taken me in. I think once people figure out I’m not such a nut job or an old dude that may help. I’m sure I will never totally fit in.

Maybe that’s the point! I’m just supposed to me and let that be enough. I do enjoy the theological class. Horton is a pretty smart guy, but runs long. Maybe that is where I can focus some of my time?

My ex is reading my blog again. What is seriously wrong with her? I don’t even bother with her insanity unless she is around me.

I get my daughter again this week. She loves being away from mom and her loser boyfriend. It’s like a little peace away from the insanity in that house. For me it gives me a little bit of time with my daughter and being able to guide her through some of the toughness that her mom brings into her life. It’s sad that my ex won’t give her up for money purposes. Heidi always cared more about money that God, family, love, or truth.

She is just one fucking selfish little girl who will most likely die in the next two years from guilt.

Such a waste. All she has to do is pay me back the $1.2 million she stole from me to be rid of her guilt, but that is not her way. She would rather die than do the right thing to me or for God. She always goes on about I have to forgive her. She won’t forgive herself, and she certainly isn’t going to make Biblical restitution to get into heaven.

I guess she can spend the rest of this life in hell paying a man in a trailer park to have sex with her, and then die and go to a place of weeping and nashing of teeth. It doesn’t have to be that way, but it’s her only way now. Unless she pays me what she agreed to pay there is nothing left of her life on earth. Her only escape is alcohol and sex, and in the end it will only make her more lonely and miserable knowing that she is being used by her boyfriend for money. The only thing that she could have done was to be faithful, but she cheats on everyone!

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