I reached out to my wine group from 3040. I got one of the two emails yesterday about this Friday’s get together. I had my daughter but traded for Saturday to go.

It’s hard to be humble after I made such a big deal, but I know if I don’t stay in the group I will never see the few friends that I would like to still connect with. There are a couple of Joy’s friends there and I’m not interested in spending time with them. They are not smart enough to know how much she lies. They only care about the social calendar.

Maybe that’s why God allowed a pedophile to run the group for so long?

Either way, there are several that I want to connect with and had to eat a little crow to get in some good graces with them. I know that several like me around and a couple told me they missed me last month. At least this way I can continue to connect and spend time with people I like.

Besides if I get the internship at Saddleback it would be nice to invite a few people over to try something new for just singles. No married people, no separated people, just singles for singles. A healthier place to be so to speak.

I also need to catch up on my reading for school. I’m 500 pages behind. I think some serious time this weekend will get me where I need to get to. Keep studying Hebrew, make the note cards for Ancient History and Hebrew, and finish up the rest of the reading and I should be good to go on getting a jump on next week.

I should always stay a week ahead to maintain my composure and mental health. Besides I will need the time for the term papers.

Anyways, it feels nice again to have something to do with people I care about. I haven’t spent much time in the Single Parent Group because of a sociopath who trashes me. I know he knows I know what he is. He does not like it one bit. Funny there are still people who like me for me and that’s the important thing.

Next week we shall see what happens with the internship or at least the week after. I hope I find out soon so I can start running with the couple of projects they need from me. It would be nice to get started early too.

Need to lose 20 pounds before going on stage. Not a requirement, but I don’t have a wife so thinner is better!

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